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"Psychology of reality". R. Nikolskis (e-pub)


Those Wise Creatures that made their decisions to be embodied on Earth during the last two centuries spent their time expecting the perfect miracle – they waited for somebody to give humanity the momentum toward “the Rapture”, as they were hampered by their “limited possibilities”. Now your miserable time is up. Thank you for not turning down the chance to gain wisdom and realize (still, there are those who did fail to realize) that by limiting yourself in your possibilities, you can reach much less than your fantasies, feelings, and knowledge allow. See you on a new round of our civilization’s “life flow”.

Today is the great time that provides ample opportunities for those who have infinite faith in their strength, believe in their universe, don’t need somebody to guide them on the way to their own self, to the source of their essence. Any mind in the universe has unlimited possibilities for full-fledged creativity and total freedom of choice. It is me and no one else who has the freedom. It is me who can do everything I want.


This book is for that kind of people. “Psychology of Reality” is a new ideological paradigm that deals with development of the mind under conditions of the Earth’s planetary complex entering the new level of progress. The appearance of this book was dictated by the forming of the new present. It was you, though, not in this time period, who asked the universe to give you the information in that very moment you need it, the moment you are completely ready to absorb it. Some of you will wonder why the allegedly accessible book has slipped under your radar earlier. Make a right judgment about yourself, because you’ve made a free choice to read it only when you are 100-percent ready to do so.

Some of you will have to start reading it and give up the unfinished book several times. The reason remains the same – you need to achieve maximum result with minimal effort. Your time is always yours and it’s always opportune. Anyway, if you’ve opened the book and are now reading these lines, please, believe that your time has come and you are intuitively – and some of you consciously – ready for the serious altering and perception of reality.


After getting acquainted with the basic principles delivered in this book, you’ll realize that everything in the world was designed fairly simply, doesn’t need additional instructions, and is ready to be used by any creature. But if you want to master the tool of creating your new reality, this “magic wand” operations manual could be handy, to say the least. The book will teach you how to find unlimited faith in yourself that leads to the “I am Almighty!” mindset.


I would suggest two ways of reading the book:


  1. You read the book from cover-to-cover.
  2. If you have hard time digesting the content of the second chapter, don't give way to despair, simply skip to the third chapter, you may come back to the second one later.


Have a nice time.


"Psychology of reality" R. Nikolskij

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"Psychology of reality"